Advice can come in multiple forms and from almost everyone. One would not know who to listen to and why. A person whose advice one should definitely take is Vivek Ishwar who is an author, blogger, life coach, chartered accountant, volunteer, humanitarian, finance strategist and most of all a person who achieves all the goals he sets for himself. In his book titled ‘Walk the Wire’, he mentions that we as human beings at times lack clarity in our minds and a wholesome perspective, which lead us to set goals that we fail to achieve.

Walk the Wire, teaches one not only how to juggle everything but also ace them all. One need not accept a linear life of monotony, but can create the life they want consciously and learn the art of balance. Vivek Ishwar, through his book, will teach you how to effectively set goals and achieve them. One would also learn how to evolve into the best version of themselves. This book is a journey that each one should take in order to understand the art and science of achieving multiple goals. We will introspect and understand what currently we do that sets us up for failure rather than success, and finally implement these learnings.

Vivek Ishwar has worked for almost a decade in a variety of organizations and has translated his knowledge into the book. Not only is he a passionate writer but also manages to juggle more than 5 things at a time, a feat that is truly commendable. This skill is transferable and can soon be replicated into our lives.