things to do with old smartphones
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Are you confused what to do with the old smartphone because you bought a new one? Don’t give your old smartphone away. You can continue to use your old smartphone for some other work around in office or home or when you are on the move.

Things to do with old smartphones.

1. Wireless Router:
things to do with old smartphones
All Android and iOS smartphones come with built-in WiFi hotspot feature. You can easily use the old phone to use as portable router. You can simply plug-in 3G SIM card and use the phone as portable WiFi hotspot. You can use your old smartphone as a pocket internet device to provide internet connectivity to all your WiFi enabled gadgets.

2. Media Player For TV:
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Does your old smartphone has TVout? You can easily convert your old smartphone into flash based media player for Television. Get a high capacity memory card for your old smartphone and copy your favorite music and movies in it. You can connect the smartphone to TV using MHL or HDMI cable. Simply connect the phone to power outlet and enjoy constant music and movies on big screen of TV. Samsung Android phones support streaming multimedia wirelessly using DLNA or some latest phones support Miracast.

3. Test Bed:
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Are you a smartphone geek? You can keep your old smartphone to test out new apps and ROMs. With the growth of open source platforms, you can use old smartphone as test device to checkout new apps before installing them on your primary smartphone. You can even use the old smartphone to test out new custom ROMs.

4. Wireless Security Camera:
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Apps like IP Webcam for Android or iVigilo Smartcam for iOS lets you use your smartphone as wireless security camera. You can start the camera and stream the live video on any smartphone or tablet using dedicated IP. You just need to place the smartphone in some place and make sure that it is connected to your home WiFi. There are lot of webcam apps available on almost all the platforms.

5. Emulator:
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Old gaming systems have very basic hardware requirement. You can use the software emulation to run older games on current smartphone. If you are a retro game lover, you can turn your smartphone to play old system games like Nintendo and Sega system games. There are dozens of emulator apps available on app store of each platform. Nostalgia NES is the best emulator that you can use to install and play the classic retro games. You may need to flash gaming ROM on Android smartphones.

6. Navigator:
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Google Maps provides best navigation functions on Android devices. You can use your old smartphone to replace the car navigation system. Some specially designed car navigation apps like MapmyIndia are available for mobile platform. You can use a lot with your old Android smartphone than you can possibly imagine. You can keep your old smartphone permanently mounted in your car. You can install windscreen or dashboard mount for the car and use generic micro USB charger to keep the battery charged. You can also download Car Dashboard app that changes the user interface of phone when in car. The app gives simple interface and block customisable icons for easy use in car.

7. PC Remote:
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You can use your old smartphone to control your traditional desktop or micro PC that is connected with your TV. You can use the old phone as wireless mouse or keyboard to power your PC. If the main use of PC is web browsing or entertainment then using old phone as wireless keyboard or mouse for big screen is best bet. There are multiple apps available that lets you use the phone as PC remote. Mobile Mouse is popular app, it supports both Windows and Macs. You need to configure your PC to work with smartphone. The smartphone and PC both need to be connected to same WiFi network. iPhone users can try Touch Mouse by Logitech, it features number of useful functions.

8. Data Backup or Extra Storage:
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You can use your old smartphone to use as extra data backup device while traveling. You can simply transfer the data to old smartphone and make some space in your new primary device. You can upgrade the microSD card in your old smartphone to increase the storage space in the device. In today’s world, you can even get 128 GB SD card. You can also use your old smartphone to explore the files.

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