• What is theharvester ?
  • What should we know to use it ?
  • How can I access to theharvester directory ?
What is theharvester
theharvester is the Information Gathering Tool which is already present in the Backtrack 5 .
What should we know to use it 
To use theharvester we must know about the Linux ,today i want you people use linux commands.
Here we use some common commands like :
  • cd     :- Used to changing the directory .
  • cd ..  :- Used to come back one step.
  • ls      :-Used to listing the files and directories without showing permissions.
  • ls -l   :-Used to listing files and directories with permissions.

How can I access to theharvester directory

To access theharvester directory Firstly open 

Konsole>Type ls : It shows all the files on the directory
Type cd .. : This command  takes you back to the root directory .
Type ls : Now you can see all blue color directories shown in the above image under root directory.

  • Type cd Pentest
  • Type ls
  • Type cd enumeration
  • Type ls
  •  After this it will shows you theharvester directory .
  • Type cd theharvester.

Now type : ./theHarvester.py -d <domain name> -l 10 -b google
Example : ./theHarvester.py -d amizone.net -l 10 -b google

Here :

  • ” ./theHarvester.py ” is used to start the tool .
  • -d is used to specify the domain.
  • -l is used to limit the number of results.
  • -b is used to specify that in what search engine we want to search. We can take google,Bing etc.
Here you can see that different hosts are found .This is how we gather Information by using the tool 
‘theHarvester “
Only On Backtrack 5 
Enjoy! 🙂 

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