What Is PingID ?

PingID, a cloud application that enables clients to use their smartphones  to verify their identities on the Web.
MONTEREY, Calif. — If Ping Identity had its way, users of the Internet would never again have to punch in another username/password to access a Web service or log in to a site of any type.

Everyone agrees that username and password are annoying and very difficult to remember if  you have many, and not safe too. Well , their time is gone
Now the problem that rises is , do we have anything better than this ?
Denver-based Ping Identity, serving as host of this year’s Cloud Identity Summit here at the Monterey Conference Center, says yes. The answer involves something called federation.

Federated Authentication.
Federated authentication is a third party verification that has already verified the user more than two times ; this also is called mufti-factor identification.
The best example for this would be, when the user is signing up for a new service on the phone and a pop up appears asking ‘ do you want to sign in using your Facebook id or Google+ id?’
Ping Identity on July 21 launched PingID, a cloud application that enables clients to use their smartphones  to verify their identities when logging into a Web service. PingID allows users to authenticate with a single swipe on their device’s screen. No other company or venture has this feature yet.Ping is specialized in cloud based security software for identity and access management that enables users to access software-as-a-service apps such as Box, Dropbox, Salesforce.com and Google Drive with a single login. Ping’s software is also used by financial services and health care providers to allow the customers use their websites without dealing with  multiple log-ins each and every time when they log in into the website.

Using the federation approach, PingID adds a second layer of security and dismissing the use of passwords completely. You can also add your personal information as questions. It also has a location feature that can block login from a particular area.

PingID, as well as updated versions of other company products — PingFederate, PingAccess and PingOne — are all available now.
Google’s own Authentication 
At the conference, Google demonstrated its new Authenticator app, which works on Google accounts as well as on a few third-party applications. Google is also planning to go completely “password-less” by the end of the year.