The Online Black Market: Silk Road

Internet or the world wide web is a wide area network of interconnected servers and computers. Any device connected to the internet can upload/download data and information which is constantly been monitored for the purposes of security. Since the Internet is the easiest way of exchanging data and information, it is slowly becoming the market place for the mass. But the market place that we all know if fair and square market, which deals in products that are freely and openly available, without any restriction or tax evasion. And all the above methods mentioned above for the purposes of security make sure there are no such illegal activities.

But there is a twist in the tale, this data can be made inaccessible or unreadable if it is encoded and encrypted into a code. And hence it paves way for the illegal activities, which can take heinous forms. The most famous yet feared example of such practice is the SILK ROAD. Hailed as the Amazon of the underground internet. It is a part of Deep Net , the World Wide Net which is not openly and freely accessible. The characteristic of deep net is that it cannot be found by search engines, social networking sites or any other crawlers of World Wide Web. Even the master of Search Engines Google cannot access theses domains, servers  or websites.

silk-road-marketplace-seizedThe first foundation of Silk Road was in 2011, by Dread Pirate Roberts, but was shut down in 2013 and the founders were arrested by FBI They arrested Ross William Ulbricht on charges of alleged murder-for-hire and narcotics trafficking violation and identified him as the founder and chief operator “Dread Pirate Roberts, after which there was the emergence of Silk Road 2.0 (Founded by members of original Silk Road) , which is active and still running online.
Silk Road is not a website that can be accessed publicly, but inorder to visit Silk Road, one neeeds to install a specific TOR browser, which is the only browser compatible. From Drugs and Narcotics to Ammunitions and  Contract Killers, and also included Illegal Pornography/Erotics as well as Stolen or Illegal Credit Cards/Passwords.
This website depends on the “Still developing” concept of Bit-Coins or Virtual Money, for most of its payments and transactions.
“Buyers and sellers conducted all transactions with bitcoins (BTC), a cryptocurrency that provides a certain degree of anonymity.” : WIKIPEDIA
Arms and Ammunition at Silk Road | Source

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