What Will Happen To My Blog After I Die?


rip-bloggerYour blog is like your organization, once you are done with it it’s time to hand it over to someone else. For passionate blogger like me it always strikes my mind about what will my blog go through after my death, shall I conclude it or hand it over to a capable person or just leave it as it is? Although it would be a ‘damn care’ thing for we won’t be able to realize anything after death, such questions still hits us for we do care for our blogs. In case you are also bothered about your blogs’ protection, a few things you can do to your blog before your die.

Find a successor:
Give away your site to a trustworthy person who is loyal to you. Explain all the details to him/her and let them handle it for future purpose.

Sell your blog: Before you die, you can sell your site to someone else at a good price and release the entire burden. Ecommerce sites like flippa.com or godaddy auctions are good for selling a site.

Delete your site: If you don’t find any trustworthy person to hand over your site then you can simply delete it permanently.

Use Inactive Account Manager (Blogger only): Inactive Account Manager is a new digital afterlife planning service by Google that lets you choose what you want to do with your Google data or blogger blogs after your retirement. From a list of options including timeout period, email/text message alert, notify to contacts and deleting your account you can choose whichever is appropriate for you.  To set up Inactive Account Manager, go to your Google account settings page and set up under Account Management.

Leave your blog as it is: For this no action is required to be taken. Simply leave your blog as it is and after your death your domain and host will automatically expire (if no automatic payment is done).
So these are a few things you can do with your blog before you die. Do share your thoughts if you have any other idea on it.

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