Motorola has earlier introduced Moto G, an actually budget friendly mobile phone with terrific specifications, and marketed it effectively using its unique launch companion and online store, Flipkart. The partnership transformed prospectively gratifying for both the side and so Motorola introduced its most recent Moto E in India using Flipkart once more. With the launch of Moto e, blog owners, professionals, all are performing appreciation of the mobile phone.
Exactly what makes this mobile phone, Moto e, a worth for cash phone? It has Snapdragon 200 processor (Cortex A7), 1980mAh electric battery, adequate to last a day, at the very least. It has 5 megapixel back cam qualified of firing FWVGA video clips, and that too without flash and no front cam.

6 Disadvantages of Motorola Moto E

In this blog post, I am not right here to go over all the great that comes with Moto e, yet all those attributes or specifications that I wanted Moto e must have been furnished with to make a fantastic phone with practically no seeming concessions. Right here are the 6 factors why you should not get Motorola Moto E.

  1. Non-Removable Battery: were first introduced by Apple for their iDevices, actually it was a neat concept on creating a smartphone that’s well packed and cannot be opened by anyone walking on the street and swapping the batteries. You obviously need to hire a professional who could perform this job pretty neatly. Well now this won’t be a big issue for the high end phone’s but still for the low end phones and depending on the rough usage you might want to have a removable battery enclosure so its really easy for you to swap your battery if you ever run out of juice. So I think this is the first disadvantage.
  2. No Front Camera: Moto e likewise draw in young people desire to indulge in self-shooting or video clip talking. Now days video calling is must thing everyone needs to have available in their phone so that anytime they can just start the call and interact with their loved one’s, so without having a front end camera in your Moto E you won’t be able to use applications like Skype and Facebook’s video calling feature, so I think this is another big disadvantage.
  3. No Camera Flash: flash is a must part for low budget phones like Moto E. High-end mobile phones have excellent cams qualified of catching great adequate low-light QOS yet for a phone like Moto e, lowlight QOS can be a problem.
  4. No HD Video Recoding: Its cam could record FWVGA resolution video clips simply i.e. 854 x 480. So it would be nice if it could record video @ 720P but unfortunately according to its price its good but not best.
  5. No Full HD Video Playback: Moto e could play 720p video clip however not 1080p video clips, which indicates you have to be careful when passing video clips to memory card of your phone, else you might end up with some lags.
  6. Low Internal Memory: Well normally Moto e comes with the 4 GB built in memory but out of which only 2.2Gb is allowed to be used by user well the rest could be get into use by rooting your device but it might void your warranty. So you can only wait for some higher ends of this phone to be released by the company with some increase in then built in memory.

Motorola Moto e is an excellent phone at the rate at which it markets. Or else the Moto e demerits/deficiencies specified below (at the very least the very first 3) would certainly not have actually made this listing. A budget plan phone like Moto e need to be made with country population in thoughts.
I’m not attempting to discourage you from getting Moto e, however Moto e disadvantages specified right here are the insufficiencies I really wanted to direct out so you must not really feel customers regret later on if any of these issue matter a lot to you. There are various other Moto e kind of options as well readily available at around the exact same rate (with rebate vouchers when acquired online), however bear in mind no phone is perfect, you might get something missing after getting a phone filled with military grade features :p

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