How to Make Magnetic Fluid Easily using Household Items


Scientific Tuesdays have shown an amazing way for creating your very own Magnetic Fluid which they call Ferro-Fluid. Now by magnetic fluid I mean that you can usually interact with the fluid using some normal earth magnets which you can get at any hardware store or even you can bam it out of any electronic device.

Things Needed to Create Magnetic Fluid :

  1. MICR Toner (Inks you usually use in printers)
  2. Rare Earth Magnet (Get it from hardware store)
  3. Vegetable Oil (Ask your mom for it)

Process for Creating Magnetic Fluid :

To create magnetic fluid you just to take a cup and add toner into it about 50ml and than add 2 table spoons of vegetable oil into it and stir it till its mixed up entirely. Now just pour up the contents into a small nice vessel and start magnetizing it out with earth magnets.

You can pour it on a surface and scratch your magnet below the surface to add motion to it, well it’s a fun little project and I hope you will like it out.