People keep breaking in. Don’t know who? Make a laser security system.


  1. Set up circuit board by setting in a LM714 chip into a breadboard circuit. Next, set in a voltage regulator, put in a battery clip. Then, hook the regulator to the power, after that plug the resistor into the circuit board, plug in a photocell, then connect the chip to the photocell, then pop in a voltage relay, connect the relay to the chip, then connect the relay to the power.
  2. Disassemble a camera(check things you need).
  3. Solder the wires to the terminal.
  4. Reassemble the camera.
  5. Position the circuit inside a soap caddy with holes.
  6. Connect a nine volt battery to the circuit.
  7. Attach wires to voltage relay.
  8. Cut and tape coat hangers.
  9. Position the camera to area.
  10. Position laser pointer.
  11. Place little mirrors.
  12. Then, test the system by breaking the laser beam.

Things You’ll Need

  • laser pointer
  • duct tape
  • small mirrors
  • LM741 chip
  • 220 ohm resistor
  • photo cell
  • 20 dollar digital camera
  • extra small screwdriver
  • wire coat hanger.
  • thin insulated wire
  • bread board circuit board
  • 9 volt battery
  • 9 volt battery clip
  • soldering equipment
  • wire cutters
  • soap caddy with holes
  • voltage relay