Briefly Introduce Yourself to the Readers.
I am a communications professional based in Dubai. After stints as a journalist in leading newspapers across India, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, I ventured into Corporate Communications and Public Relations in Dubai about 15 years back.

Apart from my journalistic and PR background, I am an Electronics, Sociology and Mass Communication triple-graduate and a visiting faculty at a leading Indian University. An ardent reader and an avid listener, I always had a passion for writing since my childhood which shaped my career choices.

‘One Step At A Time’ is my first book as I wanted to unravel the trials and tribulations of my father to the outer world.

Acquaint the Readers with Your Debut Novel, “One Step At A Time”
‘One Step At A Time’ is a motivational saga of a man who lived for others. A man whose life is a living testimony on how to face adversities and move ahead.
It is all about this man’s life, tests and tribulations – from childhood till later age, facing one tragedy after another.His life was a textbook on how to encourage, challenge as well as motivate others to move ahead, fight and win the battles of life.

Reason behind choosing such an intense topic to write?
As I mentioned earlier, the book is a narrative of grit, determination, faith and will-power – the journey, trials and tribulations of a man who faced adversity every step along the way.

To give a perspective to my journey as an author, in 2014 I underwent a knee surgery which completely indisposed me for a couple of months. This is when I realized the troubles this man would have undergone all his life as he was a handicap.

To live 55 years after a tragic accident and still make it big speaks volumes and I thought I should bring this life to words.

Do you think India needs more writers in this genre?
Definitely. If we are able to bring real life success stories to shape into a book, this would be a big salute to that life well lived.

Self Publishing or Traditional Publishing? Why?
Self-Publishing gives great options to budding authors to express themselves and fulfill their wishes to write a book they want, the way they want.

What are your Future Projects that Readers are expecting in 2019-2020?
Something is cooking in the short-term, though it is too premature to comment on this now. Plans are being firmed up.

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?
I think everyone should write. With the social media and self-publishing options available everywhere, every aspiring writer now has a platform to express himself or herself.

As an adjunct faculty, I used to inspire budding media professionals and writers to pursue their passion for writing. Write it first – just go with the flow, and later you can edit it. And you never know, you will unravel hidden talents that you think never existed. Go for it.

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