Book Name: We Are ‘Salesman’
Author: Rana Roy
Publisher: Gurucool Publishing (2019)
Language: English
Price: 499 INR

Interview Session

Briefly describe your journey until now. Have you accomplished what you wanted or still have a mile to go?

My Sales career started almost 16 years back from Kolkata in door to door selling. After post graduation, I got experience in different types of sales like project sales, key account sales, channel sales, business development in various industries like building material industry, FMCG/ FMCD industry etc. My professional learning has been from companies like Everest Industries ltd, Philips India Ltd, Jaquar Group. I got the opportunity to gain selling experience in few overseas market as well.

I believe we learn everyday. The day we stop learning, we stop progressing and we move towards the end of our life. Also I have actually accomplished nothing. I am just trying to do something by which I can contribute to our fraternity, our community or to our society. I am trying to share whatever knowledge I have gained from my seniors only. So I have miles to go in terms of learning and sharing those acquired knowledge.

What is your book ‘We are salesman’ all about?

In the book – We are “Salesman” – I have mainly shared my experience as a salesman. I have tried to highlight all the aspect of a salesman’s life. Be it positive or negative. So any body who is willing to know about this profession can learn from this book. This is the book for the learners who want to learn about Sales profession. This is the book for the Students who are looking forward to a career in Sales & Marketing. This is the book for a Sales professional who wants to know more related to his career. This is the book for a businessman struggling to sale his product or services. Also if somebody is in a relationship with a Salesman and wants to know about his relatives professional life, then this is the book for him. In this book I have tried to explain the life of a salesman from the very basics.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book? And what is the most challenging?

The most fulfilling is that I have tried to share my entire experience of my sales career into this book. So anybody who is starting his career in sales or who is struggling in sales can learn from this book. So in a way I am trying to help the larger segment of the community. It is satisfying and fulfilling.

The challenging part was to presenting it in such a way that no body gets hurt. In this book all the examples are live. All the positive and negative stories are live and related to the people who has been into such act. Now mentioning the positives were easy. But mentioning the negatives were difficult. I was very conscious while writing the negative stories, so that no body feels hurt. With such examples, my only intention was to learn and share those learning.

Why is it that Indian writers don’t frequently win big awards such as Booker/ Nobel Prize/ Pulitzer in Literature?

Frankly speaking, I am too young to answer this question. However, during my short span of writing and being connected with many people, I observed that there is still a lack of original good content. I have seen books which are more into explaining someone else’s thought, books which are only a printed version of somebody’s interview or are only filling up of the pages. I don’t know, I don’t want to really sound loud. But being a reader, I always want to read original stories, original thoughts, original ideas. At least that’s what my understanding is as a reader and I wanted to focus only this originality while writing my book. I really have no idea about awards.

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?

Yes, I would suggest everybody to pen down their thoughts. Everyday we get so many ideas. All the ideas just come into our brain. They come and go like a spark. We need to catch these ideas. I would suggest everyone to just grab these ideas and not to waste them. I think though this is truth for everyone, but being a creative person we need to take care of our thoughts, nurture it and cultivate it. So hold your thoughts and build on it.

What is the next book that you’ve planned?

Yes, I have planned of the next book and currently working on it. Infact I am working on more than one projects now. I will be saying more details about these after sometime. But as of now,  all these are going to be something different, something advanced and something interesting.

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