Dear Vishal,
Many many congratulations for your book. Kindly answer the questions mentioned below:

Starting with, Give us a little gist about your book. What it is all about?
Whether in one’s personal or professional life, I think most will agree that the larger problems we deal with are all people related issues. For me, having spent most of my career in the communications industry, the emphasis on understanding and enabling people dynamics has been all the more important.But ‘people’ is not just others but also ourselves! So it becomes important to understand the many internal processes that shape our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

I have spent the last few years reading, researching and trying to understand human behavior and why we do what we do. This book is a result of that study. The attempt is to lead the reader to explore the many reasons behind our thoughts feelings and actions. For instance, the reasons behind our uniqueness of perspective, our learning preferences, habits, decisions, biases, emotions, willpower and more; the role of stress and our approach to happiness. All in all, it attempts to show how one can truly connect with oneself. I have relied on several concepts from neuroscience and psychology. These concepts have been included in brief in my book.

Which book inspired you the most?
To be honest there is no one book as such! My reading list largely cover articles, lectures, journals and books that explore the ‘whys’ behind our behavior, something a lot of people tend to find boring.However if you were to ask me whose work I admire the most, that would be Sir Ken Robinson.  He has dedicated his life to changing education as we know it. His work revolves around recognizing the diversity of human intelligence and creativity and creating ways to best tap into this diversity instead of the current standardized approach to education. His research, talks, lectures and books are very thought provoking and inspiring.

What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?
No comment. 

This is your first book. So, what according to you are common traps for aspiring writers?
Firstly, there are things you want to say and express, but it always helps to get a perspective from others on your ideas and take all the feedback in the right stride. When I was writing this book, I could sense myself being emotionally attached to all the points I wanted to make but my wife was a good critique and helped a lot in reshaping some ideas to make them more relatable to the final reader. Secondly, if it is your first time, you need a good publisher who can help you and guide you through every step of the journey. Not all publishers do that and you may be left to figure things out on your own, so one must choose wisely. Lastly, most writers, like me, are introverts and love to be left alone in their own thoughts. This becomes a challenge when we are tasked with marketing our own work. I come from the media industry and I feel it is far easier to market someone else’s work than marketing yourself or your own work! One needs to break such shackles and go all out, which can be challenging.

How do you manage writing with your profession?
It is tough. For me, I use the weekends to structure my thoughts. One needs to switch off from all else and concentrate on nothing but that. I was a bit lucky as my bosses gave me two months off to finish this project. Had I not got those two months off I probably would not have been able to complete this book.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
I think when it comes to non-fiction you have no choice but to be original but there has to be a balance of both – what you write needs to be relatable. There are a lot of things we all want to say and express but if nobody is keen about it, it will never attract an audience! The work ideally needs to be rooted in some human truth to help people relate to it.

 What does literary success look like to you?
I am hoping I will soon be in a position to answer this when I’ve experienced it! For now, my book is meant to help people on their journey of self-discovery and I will be happy if it plays its designed role!

 What’s the best way to market your books?
Nothing does better than first hand user reviews! For me the attempt has been to try and get my book into the right hands in the initial phase of marketing. Then onwards the book should speak for itself.

Lastly, Please let us know about your next project.
For now my attempt is to try and ensure the book reaches as many hands as possible. Once I do that I will articulate my thoughts for the next project. When that happens, you would be the first to know J

Thank You!