Q) Give us a little gist about your book. What is it all about?
A) The story revolves around Jai, a medical student who dreams of serving humanity with the help of the science that he was learning. He was one among those lucky ones who are blessed with everything that a human being craves for. Right at the time when he was about it begin a new chapter of his life by proposing to his lady love Asha, destiny plays a cruel game with him. He gets trapped in a murder case and is debarred from his profession for no fault of his. But his indomitable spirit refuses to give up. The story is about Jai’s unrelenting faith and courage with which he fights his way back to fulfill his mission of serving humanity.

Q) Which book has inspired you the most?
A) Its Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’. After reading the book I truly believed that – when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. And I was able to realize my dream of writing a book only because of this belief.

Q) How do you manage writing with your profession?
A) I have made a promise to myself to write daily, no matter how busy I am. And I try my level best to keep it. I never forget to keep aside a little time to fulfil my passion. I write daily, sometimes its only a few lines and on others I write a whole chapter. Writing is like doing meditation for me. It revives and uplifts my soul.

Q) Do you try to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
A) I transform everything that I feel in my heart into words. I firmly believe that the words that come straight from your heart are capable of striking a chord with a million others. I wish to write with such intense creativity so as to make readers want, what I write.

Q) What does literary success look like to you?
A) As per my opinion, literary success should not be assessed by the number of copies you sell or the awards you get. The real literary success is the audience’s appreciation. I will consider my book a success if it could inspire the readers to believe in the power of hope and to keep their faith alive even when the dark night of despair seems so long.

Q) What’s the best way to market your book?
A) The best way of marketing according to me is via word of mouth. I think that the most reliable review about a book is the one that comes from a friend or a classmate or anyone whom you are close with. So spread a word about your book among your family and friends and ask them to pass it on to their friends.

Q) What according to you is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?
A) The most unethical one is that which is usually practiced by various vanity publishing houses. They charge a hefty sum from the writers and afterwards leave them alone to perish along with the printed copies. They take no interest in marketing or promoting the book. They are not bothered about the sales as they have already made their share of profit.