1. Tell us a little about yourself and your background
First of all, Thank you very much for inviting me here. It is wonderful feeling to be here.

As far as my introduction goes, it is pretty simple. I am just another kid on the block who has passion for writing down my thoughts and illustrate the scenarios in a funny and artistic ways. Besides this, just like any other next door kid, I like to study and gain good grades and love to tease my elder sis (and he smiles )

I must admit though that my parents have been super supportive to me all along. I developed few hobbies like playing soccer, cricket, bit of swimming etc and now into writing books. I am glad to say that they always believing in me.

2. The title of your book “Blahman and The Attack Of The Wicked Zombies” is really intriguing. What is your view on the same and what is it all about?
This is really an adventurous tale of two kids – Steven and Aven – out of which one turns into a superhero Blahman in my first book and his adventure continues in this book which is my second book in the series.

This book’s storyline talks about the scenario that converts normal people into Zombies. This epidemic started overtaking the world and posses great threat to humanity in essence. So our superhero Blahman fights back and saves our beautiful planet earth. To know more about what, how, where and when – please read my book which takes you through the adrenaline rush of being part of the roller-coaster ride giving goosebumps throughout.

3. What made you to turn a writer?
Actually it all started in school before 3 years when I was in grade 3rd. I always had great friends and we all were telling stories to each other that were thrilling, adventurous and super exciting. While going through this, one day I realized that if I use illustrations alongside with my stories, I was able to convey the spirit of story in much better way. Even more inspiration came through my teachers, elder sis Shrieya and my parents to explore my new hobby… and then , there was no stopping.

I have already written two books which are selling wonderfully on online stores as well as being sold in bookstores and I can not wait to bring my 3rd edition to all of you.

4. How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete the book?
I believe that you should know your subject well otherwise readers will not be interested, that being said, if subject is interesting and as a writer you do not know it enough then research is extremely important.

As far as effort goes, I believe that if you want to achieve anything in your life, be it book writing, sports, studies, music.. anything – you must make sure that you apply consistent effort to achieve your results and of course make sure that there is no stone unturned.

5. Which writers inspire you the most?
I am an avid reader and love mostly all the comic writers, however if I need to pick few, I would say that I enjoy reading Avengers, Captain Underpants, Dog man etc.

6. Would you like to share some writing tips with our audience?
Well, as far as comic book writing goes, you need to have Imagination with great story telling ability. While writing it down, make sure that you follow consistent narrative, setting the right story pace, unfold story secrets properly and sequentially, create great illustrations and should have astonishing conclusion … (Srijan’s eyes sparkled when he said this ..)

At last, once again, I would like to thank you for having me here and would like to send loads of love to my readers… !