Today, I would tell you step by step on how you can setup your own botnet and start playing with it, Botnet could be used to perform wide variety of attacks including spreading malware, DDOS attacks mostly. One of the most famous botnet was “ZEUS” that was widely used to stealing credit cards information. This article has been divided into two parts where in the first part the i will show you how to setup a botnet and in the second part, i will show you what can be done with the “Botnet”.

P.s: Hacky Shacky is not responsible for any kind of lose or damage. 


¡) Cpanel to host Botnet server

¡¡) Webpanel, which will be upload in Cpanel:

Bot Builder, which you will use to create Botnet :

Step 1:

In the very first step you have to host the botnet server on Cpanel where you’ll receive victims details, Now start with uploading files in cpanel. Upload the web panel folder as it is (zip form) in Cpanel, and than extract it.

Step 2:

Go back to cpanel home and proceed to Database section, And select My SQL database Wizard

Step 3:

Create a New database, With any name like

Step 4:

Let’s Proceed to Next Step, Where you have to set Database’s Username and Password.

Step 5:

Click on create user, and then check on ALL PRIVILEGES box. Then proceed to next button.
Step 6: Now you have successfully created the database, Return to Cpanel Home and database section, Now select PHPMYADMIN 

Step 6:

Now in the left column you’ll find the database which you’ve created

Step 7:

Click on the database, A new page will appear, Find SQL tab in the top, Go in SQL tab You’ll find page like image mention below:

Step 8:

Extract in your computer and you’ll find SQL folder in that open the folder their will a file name vertexnet.sql, Open that file in notepad copy all data and paste it in phpmyadmin, As shown in the image:

Step 9:

Now click on the GO button.

Go back to Cpanel home,

Click on file manager then go in Web panel folder, find a folder named inc, go in that folder,

You’ll find a file named with, Click right click and edit the file, Now their You have to replace ‘vertex’ with the database you created, ‘root’ with the username and password you assigned for database, As shown in the image

Now you are done with creating crap!

Step 10:

Now open the web folder in url along the site name . You’ll find a login page like this:

If this login page appearing than BINGO soldier you have made it 🙂

Step 11:

Login with following credentials

Username: root
Password: toor

Now you are logged in the server where all your bot victims details will be shown.

This was the tutorial to set up the server, Now in the next tutorial we will teach you to make botnet.