Homemade Fireball are like an impressing stunt you can perform on any occasion or for just some time pass. Well these fireballs are totally harmless but if only used according to some precautions mentioned. Well the above video explains everything easily and in an understandable manner.
You just need to figure out some household items which you will get easily or you can borrow it from your neighbor’s or departmental store, and than right away jump in to create your very first harmless homemade fireballs. Things you will need to get this project done are mentioned on the right.
So have fun and amaze out your friends with this awesome project, make sure if you like this post you share it with your friends.

Things you will need ?

  1. Lighter Fuel (Ronsonol or any other good one)
  2. 100% Cotton Cloth.
  3. Cotton String + Needle.
  4. Scissors.

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