Truth about facebook password hacking – How not to get hacked


You might have seen a lot of websites that offer to hack Facebook passwords, some claim to hack them using,Facebook Password Hacking & cracking – Truth about facebook password stealers - expertise they gained in last X years , some claim to hack it using previously existing loopholes & some say we submit it to hackers & act as brokers. Goes same for Facebook password crackers, Facebook password stealers or Facebook password cracker software ..
Type “Facebook password hacker” or “Facebook Password Stealer” in Google & see for your self. Countless results of websites who claim to hack Facebook passwords or help you to steal Facebook passwords or hack Facebook accounts.

Facebook password hacking -
Its all bullshit. Folks..there is NO Facebook Hacking Software, no Site that can Hack Facebook. It all seems like the early 2000 “Hack any email” websites or Free Email hacking software who made a fool of people by claiming that they can hack email ids.
have a look at it, this is a typical FAQ of a typical website which claims to hack Facebook passwords.
Bullshit.what were they thinking ? -
Facebook password hacking needs VB 1337 skills ? I get it, PHP & perl may make sense as Facebook has fair share of PHP, but VB ? do they try trojan programs on the users ? Also, NO GURANTEE clause adds up to it..sheesh.
So ? what’s the truth then ?
Ah well..these websites demand 100$ to 300$ per account for hacking facebook & get you Nothing..yep..Nada..zilch..absolutely nothing. You might be in luck if the target of yours has a weak password that might be broken using bruteforcing in mobile website of Facebook , but to be frank, I have yet to meet such lucky guy. As for facebook password cracker software, any company or website that claims to hack password using software usually show a md5 hash of the password which is nearly indecipherable by a normal user and social engineer him into buying that facebook hacking software.
There is an general rule in password hacking & hacking tools,

Hacker release their tools in public when they become obsolete to them.

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