NOTE:  This is an old post that has been modified with new links and text, so few userscripts may or may not work according to recent facebook privacy changes 🙂

Userscripts have taken our entire online experience to a new level, with userscripts we can easily add any kind of JavaScript activity to our online service’s like I posted YouTube Center Script that enhances the YouTube experience by providing you various playback options and much more, so today I will be posting 10 great userscript hacks that will allow you to modify your facebook experience.
So using these userscripts I have posted below you will be able to view albums, change your facebook layout and much more so jump in and lets get started.

  1. View Private Albums – well you can easily view private albums of any person if he or she is not your friend too, well just install this userscript [Link] and see links to original image to their albums.
  2. Remove Facebook Advertisements – facebook cleaner is another good userscript that simply allows you to remove that bad sponsored and advertisement area from facebook so to do that just install this userscript [Link] and see them vanished away.
  3. Redirect Real Profile’s – normally when searching about any person you come across your public pages, well using this userscript [Link] you can get redirected to real people’s profile, well make sure that you are logged in to facebook for avoiding infinite loop’s.
  4. Undo Facebook Changes – facebook always come’s with something special and unique but everyone does not accept those changes, so if you are one of them then this simple userscript [Link] will allow you to undo an facebook change by choosing at what level you want to undo at, so its really a good hack.
  5. Viewing all Photo’s – well sometimes you may try to view every photo related to that person, well you can not do that if that person has some tight privacy settings or something by using this easy userscript [Link] you can do that.
  6. Find More New Friends – sometimes your known friends join facebook but you do not know about that thing, well using this official facebook feature [Link] you can find them by checking your friends list.
  7. Sharing File from Facebook – well are wondering how to share file’s from facebook well these 30 apps [Link] will allow you to desktop share anything using Facebook.
  8. Get Job from Facebook – well if you are a facebook addict then this could be the easiest way to get job on facebook as this apps [Link] include easy job opportunities and other stuff for you.
  9. Tighten Privacy on Facebook – well if you consider a good privacy plan for your facebook profile then these privacy checking tool’s [Link] will allow you to check your online facebook privacy and will tell you what to tighten up for more optimum level of facebook experience.
  10. Cheat Facebook Texas Poker – well using this simple tool [Link] you can see cards of any player’s and hence you could cheat out virtually.

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