Broadband internet connections are good for enterprises or small business firms. Their fast service providers offer rapid internet connections that can be used in more than a single pc. In case, at times, your connection remains unsteady then a speed tester is required. Broadband speed testers display your speed rates to make you aware of the connection status. Major broadband providers like BT superfast broadband provide such facilities so that you can check your connection speed. But do you know how a speed checker works?
Firstly, a broadband speed test requires a browser with javascript enabled along with Adobe flash player (latest version preferred) installed. Remember you’ll need to stop all downloads or consecutive updates before performing the speed test. You should also configure your firewall and anti-virus settings correctly because without proper settings your speed test might not work correctly. The test is performed within seconds but there are certain functions it completes within that time.

Download and Upload Test

Initially, a speed test is done to check the ping degree of your connection which determines the accurate file size. Then the speed checker downloads a file from the server calculating the duration of download. The file size might vary according to your connection speed. Then it sends back the file to the broadband provider for upload to check the upload speed. This speed is measured in gigabytes (GB).

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Final Test Results

After these major tests are performed the test checker displays the final speed rates. But remember the result might be temporary because your broadband speed keeps shuffling up and down and the speed rate depends on that.
Few speed test checkers also offer analyzing the speed of a particular site. These tools are helpful when you have a slow connection and you can regulate it according to that.