Things you need to know before buying a smartphone online


Smartphones are ruling the current world and it has become a necessity to own a smartphone device for all your needs. But the increasing cost for high end featured phones is underrating the middle class public. This is why all the smartphone manufacturers have introduced the budget phones with all the good features and specifications which are available at a very low and affordable cost in online stores. But before you rush madly to the online shops to purchase your desired phone, there are few points that you should consider and keep in mind.

Things you need to know before buying a smartphone online

Choose the right operating system

Smartphone operating systems are on high competition. Since the launch of Apple’s iOS and Android, the fight is still on and will continue with every update. Learn which OS are you opting to use- iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry. Each OS have its own specialty including the pros and cons. If you’d love to own a lot of apps and want customization options in your phone then you should go for iOS or Android. And if you need simplicity with the basic business phone features then Windows Phone is the ultimate platform for you. And if you are a business person and need a phone only for business purpose then Blackberry is what you need.

Choose the right store

As you know there are huge numbers of online stores opening up these days so it is hard to choose the right one. Many consumers are driven away with the low price of smartphones but this is not the right way to buy. There are ecommerce stores who aim to deceive you by showcasing attractive prices. So do a proper research about the ecommerce platforms by asking other customers who already purchased. Check the store terms and conditions and company policies before buying. Check whether they offer free shipping or not and also the delivery time and duration.

Compare prices

Different stores offer smartphones at varied prices. The price can be slightly varied or can be of huge difference. So you need to compare the price of a particular phone from different sites. There are numerous price comparison platforms available over the web and is one among them. You can compare the price of a specific phone from such sites and save a lot.

Know your desired features

This is one of the most important points. You should understand your needs and requirements that you are looking for in your smartphones. Smartphones are manufactured in huge numbers and so each of them has come up with different features and specifications. The basic factors of choosing the right phone are display, processor, memory, camera, OS, battery and multimedia.

Display: Choose your required display size that ranges from 3-inch to 6.5-inches. Obviously the 3”- 4.5” phone will be easier to handle single handedly, whereas your need to hold the bigger ones with both hands, especially girls. Secondly, if you love watching movies and videos then choose a HD display smartphone, or else you can opt for the normal IPS displays.

Processor: Most of the low cost phones run on slow processors but if are a moderate user then you can surely go for it. But if you are a hardcore user of apps and games and want a lot of multitasking then a high speed processor is must for you.

Memory: Want to store a lot of apps, games and other files on your phone? Then choose a large memory device. Alternatively, you can choose a small memory device and use microSD card in it, but make sure the phone offers microSD slot.

Camera: If you are photography addict then buy a good megapixel camera, or else you can choose a 5MP- 8MP rear camera phone with flash. If you take a lot of selfies then choose a 5MP- 8MP front camera phone. For example, the Micromax Canvas Selfie that includes a 13MP front camera and is a selfie specialized smartphone. You can check the Micromax mobile price list for more details on its price.

Battery: Smartphones consumes high battery power due to the excess usage of apps, games, multimedia and internet. So if you heavily want to use these features then choose a phone with a good battery life.

Check buyers reviews

Lastly, it is very important to check buyer reviews on a particular phone that you’re going to buy. Genuine reviews will help you a lot to decide upon your choice because users put their opinion on the product after using it. You can decide based on the reviews and can be sure of the device.

So you can see comparing the features and prices guide you on the right way before finalizing your smartphone. Getting your desire phone is pleasurable but if it lasts long, your every penny goes worth it.