How to Be Healthier in 14 Days


Being healthy is something almost all of us want to be, but who has the will-power? And even if you do have good will-power, what does it take exactly to be healthy? Well if you have a good start, achieving this goal might be easier.Stick with being healthy for 14 days (2 weeks) and you just might find it easier to continue!


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    Print out the food pyramid; if you don’t have a printer, then copy it out on a blank piece of paper.

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    Stick to it. It’s easy! If it says,for example ,4+ portions of fruits and vegetables a day then try to eat at least 2 portions of fruit and 2 of veg.

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    Eat fruit. Don’t like eating fruit? Make a smoothie. Squeeze an orange and drink fresh juice. Make a fruit salad with a little bit of whipped cream on top.

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    Eat vegetables. Don’t like eating vegetables? Drink a tomato juice Munch on raw carrots. Make a fun, colorful salad and give it a catchy name!

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    • If you don’t like exercise (bad hair,sweating etc.) walk around your block while listening to your iPod. Make a playlist that has about 20 songs (each song lasting about three minutes) and walk for an hour. Try to do this every day for best results.You’ll soon start to like it!
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    Drink water instead of soft drinks or carbonated beverages. You might like to drink fizzy drinks but they’re not good for your health. Drink water instead. Aim for 2 litres (about 8 cups) a day!

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    Look up tips on the internet and just stay informed! You’ll begin to get healthier quickly.


  • No sugar drinks!
  • No alcohol or smoking!
  • Absolutely no drugs!
  • Don’t eat sweets!