How to Be a Gentlemen Towards Girls


Hello boys! Wonder why you don’t get the girls you want…even though you look so hot? Well, read this article to find out how.


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    Be confident: it doesn’t help being handsome without having the skills to attract a girl. So tip 1, feel confident about yourself.

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    Once you achieved certain confidence, make sure you use the skills too. Read following tip for certain skills to accomplish.

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    Remember that every woman/girl is unique. Once you have this in mind life gets easier…why? Because once you get rejected by one girl you still have the confidence to get the other girl. There are way more girls in the world than men. Don’t forget this.

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    Make sure you wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Nothing is less tastier when you see a man with a suit too large or an outfit not in season. Girls pay attention to this.

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    Talk to the girl you like. If you don’t talk to her she will feel unwanted and unlikeable even though you show signs of interest.

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    Be a gentleman! Keep in mind: how would you like that people treat you! That’s what girls expect from you, so roll up your sleeves and show how gentle you are. Gentlemen means someone who is GENTLE.

  7. Learn to properly understand the effects that menstruation may have on a girls behavior, and act accordingly.
  8. Do not overshadow a girl on any particular note.


  • Do simple things like opening doors for her or even bringing her flowers.
  • Compliment her eyes or hair, or tell her she looks nice
  • Smile at her even if it is randomly, if she smiles back it’s all good
  • Make her feel unique and special, do not look at other girls when in public nor talk about any girls (eg) ex-girlfriends
  • Give her all your attention, as in when she talks look at her and show you are interested
  • Make her feel good about herself by saying she looks ravishing or beautiful.
  • Don’t exaggerate and think you are too good for anyone