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Hacky Shacky (HS) is a Platform for all those people who want to share their knowledge with others. Originally founded by Lakshya Verma – Li0n, HS is Best Place for those people who enjoys to learn new things. HS is Supported and contributed by Administrators and Members of Various Underground Hacking Groups and Communities Worldwide, All of our Writers are experts in their respective fields and maintain respected reputations within the Hacking & Security community. Many of our writers run successful companies, websites and defense teams.We pride ourselves in becoming a center of excellence in e-learning.

Sharing your knowledge with others does not make you less important!

If you want to be a part of Team Hacky Shacky, We welcomes you with open arms.

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  • If you are a blog/site owner then a back-link to your own blog will be made at the end of your article.
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  • Earn Respect among the Tech Geeks and Blogging Lovers.
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